Daily Care

Total Protection for Tooth Decays
Tooth Decay
It is a problem where bacteria damages tooth enamel, dentin and cement, which form the hardest structure of the tooth. Cavities on teeth are formed due to bacterial activity on these tissues. Fluoride provides total protection against decay-forming bacteria by strengthening dental enamel, dentin and cement layers.

Natural Whiteness
Tooth Stains
Stains on the enamel and dentin layer of teeth are originated from foods and drinks that we consume. Those stains usually occur by consuming tea, coffee, cigarette, carbonated drinks, fruit juices and convenience foods. Tooth stains disturb people in terms of appearance. Hydrate silica is a substance having an effect revealing the natural whiteness of teeth by means of micro globules and protecting plaque formation.

Sensitive Teeth
What does sensitive teeth mean?
On the dentin layer of tooth, there are small grooves (Tubules) that consist of nerve endings and liquid. Consumption of hot, cold or sweet, sour foods or drinks cause this liquid to move. This movement of the liquid causes the nerve endings to react, which triggers sharp pain. People are afraid of having the same pain on a continuous basis. This situation leads to nutrition disorders. Potassium nitrate eliminates sensitive feeling by means of creating a shield for dentin tubules. This protective shield for sensitivity problems provides a permanent relief when used regularly. It is recommended that people having sensitivity problems should use proper tooth paste for sensitive teeth.

Recommended Product
DentaSave Cistus
Cistus Total Protection
Sensitive Teeth Problem

People with sensitive teeth problems are advised to use toothpaste that is suitable for sensitive teeth.