Frequently Asked Questions
What is SLS?
SLS is an chemical substance used as a foaming agent in shampoos, detergents, shower gels, shaving foams, and toothpastes.It is generally used in cleaning of pipelines in industries.
DentaSave Oral Care Products do not contain "SLS"
What is PARABEN?
Is used against microbiological growth in cosmetic products and as a preservative in maintaining product safety. It is a preservative which is prohibited in some European countries. The use in children products is restricted.
DentaSave Oral Care Products do not contain "PARABEN"
As an antimicrobial substance, triclosan is generally used in soaps, detergents and toothpastes. Chlorine in water reacts when contacted with triclosan and forms toxic chloroform gas.
DentaSave Oral Care Products do not contain "TRICLOSAN"
What is tooth sensitivity ?
Tooth sensitivity is the reason of the sudden and sharp pain while consuming hot, cold and sour foods and drinks. Some people experience this disturbance in some periods. In some cases there is a temporary disturbance and this situation has a negative effect on personal nutrition habits.
The reason of tooth sensitivity?
Exposed inner layer which is known as ‘dentin’ under tooth enamel with some reasons including gingiva problem, hard brushing and tooth cavity is the main cause for tooth sensitivity. Dentine layer is consist of small grooves (tubules) filled with liquid and includes nerve endings. Consumption of cold, hot, sweet and sour foods or drinks leads mobilization of this liquid. This liquid movement triggers a sudden disturbance or a short term sharp pain by causing the nerve endings reaction.
What are the causes of sudden and sharp pain for sensitive teeth ?
Cold foods or drinks, Hot foods or drinks, Sweet or sour ( acidic) foods, Plaque and bacteria, Chemical stimulants, Dry mouth
Is DentaSave sufficient for preventing tooth sensitivity ?
Yes, one of the common traits of DentaSave tooth paste is its suitability for sensitive teeth. By means of potassium nitrate content, creates a shield for exposed tubules and destroys sensitivity. This protective shield for sensitivity problems provides a permanent relief with regular use. Beside, soft brushing and using an appropriate brush can be a solution for reducing sensitivity. Regular dentist control and ideal oral care helps eliminating the causes that increase sensitivity.
May I use DentaSave tooth pastes for a long term?
Yes. Dentasave tooth pastes effect like a normal tooth paste. By means of its fluoride content, protects your teeth against decays. Beside, silica micro globules inside, reveals the natural whiteness of teeth without making any harm to your tooth enamel. You can use DentaSave tooth pastes for long term because they have three main feature that the other tooth pastes have and more.
Do DentaSave Tooth Pastes provide a protection against decays?
Yes. DentaSave provides a total protection against decay forming bacteria by means of strengthening tooth enamel, dentin and cement layers with fluoride.
Do DentaSave tooth pastes provide whitening of teeth?
Yes. DentaSave tooth pastes reveal the natural whiteness of teeth by means of their non abrasive silica micro globules content. Beside, silica also has an anti plaque formation effect.
What are the types of DentaSave tooth pastes?
DentaSave tooth pastes have four kind of type including Zinc, Cistus, containing %0,2 and %0,05 Clorhexidine as active substance. 1) Contains 0,2% Chlorhexidine Dentasave Clorhex Intense Care Toothpaste 2) Contains 0,2% Chlorhexidine Dentasave Clorhex Daily Care Toothpaste 3) Contains Zinc DentaSave Zinc Bad Breath 4) Contains Cistus DentaSave Total Protection
What is the effect of DentaSave Zinc Bad Breath tooth paste on bad breath ?
The reason of bad breath includes bacteria inside oral cavity, smoking, dry mouth, improper oral hygiene, tooth decay and various food consumption. Bad breath has a negative effect on relationship between people and social life. Zinc removes bad breath by neutralizing volatile sulphide compounds that are the cause of bad breath. At the same time it prevents bacterial plaque and calculus formation.
What is the benefit of DentaSave Cistus Total Protection tooth paste?
The main reason of tooth decay and gum disease is bacterial plaque. Bacterial plaque is the accumulation of bacteria on the surface of teeth and gum by ignoring oral hygiene. Maintaining oral hygiene prevents plaque formation leading bad breath, tooth decay and gum problems. Improper oral hygiene leads aesthetic problems as well as more serious problems like heart disease, osteoporosis. Cistus is a plant which is indigenous for Mediterranean climate. It provides an antibacterial and antiviral effect with polyphenols inside. So it helps maintaining oral hygiene.
What is the benefit of active substance clorhexidine ?
Clorhexidine is an antiseptic oral (microbicit or preventing their growth ) solution. Clorhexidine oral solution reduces bacteria inside oral cavity. Clorhexidine causes disintegration of cell walls of bacteria. By its anti-plaque feature it is approved by FDA (American Food and Drug Administration). Deteriorates plaque structure and prevents new plaque formation. Clorhexidine which has a long term effect is approved as a golden standard for gum care and plaque control is also an oral antiseptic It provides a perfect gum care by regular usage. Beside, it has a proven effect on gum bleeding. Clorhexidine usage in dentistry for a long time period, eliminates bacteria which is the main cause of the problems for gum and inhibits new formation.