Gum Problems

Bacterial plaque gets hardened over time and accumulations called tooth stone or tartar are formed. Tooth stones cause problems for teeth and gums. Gum problems can be identified as swelling and sensitivity.

Problems occur in the gum as a result of tartar abrading the adjacent gum. Due to prolonged irritation, gingivitis and various problems develop. The resulting damage can be irreversible and result in loss of the tooth.

World Health Organization (WHO) defines tooth and gum disease as a preventable disease. People may have lifelong healthy teeth if the necessary oral and dental care and regular dentist controls are provided.

Recommended Product
DentaSave Klorhex
Klorhex Gum Care
Causes of Gum Problems:
  • Bacterial plaque accumulation on teeth
  • Poor oral care
  • Smoking, genetic factors, hormonal changes
  • Stress, use of medication
  • Tooth gnashing or clenching
  • Malnutrition
Signs of Gum Problems

In order to prevent gum problems and provide gum care, use of chlorhexidine-containing oral care products is recommended.